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...[its] still being actively used, worldwide, with no major modifications to the core, almost 10 years after its construction...
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Process Design

Advances in SOA (service oriented architecture) and web services have unlocked the gates holding back past business process projects. The ease of development combined with the overall extensible nature of web services allows future business process projects to be designed with the expectation that they will change, and rapidly. A well architected process using an SOA approach puts you ahead of the competition. Business workflows are easily expanded, extended and enhanced as the market changes. In an age of technology, winners achieve that status from efficient business processes.

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SQL Server Database Services

We've been working with SQL Server for over 12 years. Starting with version 4.21, back in 1995, we have provided our clients with database driven business solutions. We seek to ensure that every client gains the maximum benefit from their investment in SQL Server. Whether it's a new business process built around SQL Server, reviewing and optimizing an existing system or SQL Server alignment,we are here to help.

Project Management

Our focus is on delivering business solutions, so for most of our projects, we guide our clients strategic vision through the development life-cycle all the way to operational completion. If you would like us to assist you in realizing your strategic goals, we are here to help.