Reach New Heights
...[the] platform was built in a way that aligns it tightly with the business strategy/organizational design for maximum efficiency (where marginal costs per new transaction are near zero)...
Market Insight
Data Driven

RealizedDesign is data driven - we are obsessed with data. Where it comes from, what business process generated the data, how it is collected, where it is stored, and how it is used. Data tells us who purchased what, when they purchased it and even if they may make a purchase in the future.

Database Focused

And the focal point of data is the database. And Tier-1 systems demand a well designed database. The benefits of proper database design includes scalable transaction throughput, data integrity, reliability and business insight.

Process Oriented

We've been promoting the benefits of business process efforts for over ten years. And now, with the evolution of SOA (service oriented architecture) and the ease of which web services can be developed and deployed, designing a process oriented system using SOA is the most effective approach. The end result is a clean, efficient business process where transactions process quickly with near zero marginal cost. Sales are up, customers are happy, inventory turnover is high and profits are higher.

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Solution Focused

Our goal is simple: To solve complex business problems with database driven technology. We team up with our clients to deliver targeted solutions for both operational and strategic challenges. Our clients range from major corporations to small growth companies. A sampling of past projects covered these opportunities:

  • Foreign currency exposure management system for an S&P 500 company.
  • IT change management system for a Fortune 100 subsidiary.
  • B2B order processing portal for a global print broker.
  • Customer and global account reference system for a Fortune 50 company.
Team Work

RealizedDesign was founded to focus on helping its clients align their strategic vision with database driven technology and the evolving Internet. Working with our clients, we have provided leadership in identifying, capturing and utilizing business information and data.

Solution Focused

RealizedDesign serves the needs of corporate divisions and operational growth companies seeking deliverables that bridge the gap between their business needs and cost effective, technical solutions.